Here’s your chance, ya commie children of unverified parentage!

My Bush-bashing “make your case against Bush” invitational

One Hand Clapping is tired of all those claims that Bush sold the public on a direct connection between Iraq and 9/11.

Okay, so we’re ALL tired of them.

But he’s challenged believers to write a guest column proving that Bush actually did so. The winner will be published on his site and will be awarded 5 ounces of Donald’s Best Home Roasted Columbian Supremo coffee. The guidelines for entries include

To win you must document the claims and provide hyperlinks to sources, and provide the citation for print media sources. The quality of sources will matter! I am looking for documented evidence, not mere assertions. (Linking to other mere assertions will not be persuasive.)


I am not looking for you to prove beyond reasonable doubt that Bush administration deliberately misled the people to make the connection. That is setting the bar far too high. I ask only that you demonstrate that a reasonable, not certain, conclusion may be drawn that the administration did so. Obviously, whether as essay does that is a subjective call, which makes documentation and clarity all the more important.

Those seem to be reasonable rules. However, he notes

I am not promising to identify any essay as meeting the standard of para. 10, I am just inviting you to try. Therefore, there may turn out to be no winner at all.

Seems fair to me. Bring ’em on!