It’s almost like they care or something

Thanks, SiteMeter

Recently a series of fairly racy ads started running on SiteMeter (among other places). Kathryn at Suitable For Mixed Company decided to contact them. She calls the ads “flat-out offensive”, which I think might be a bit of an overstatement if she’s referring to the ads I’m thinking of, but not by much.

And (get this) SiteMeter responded and pulled the ads. After reading her post, I looked all over SiteMeter and didn’t run into a single one, so I’m thinking we’re talking about the same ones.

Well done.


  1. All right, you’re right. I should have been a little more careful in my writing. Most of the ads from this outfit were only somewhat offensive to moderately offensive, and therefore unpleasant but bearable. But the one that sent me over the edge was ‘flat-out offensive’. Honest. Thanks for the link! (And the kudos.)

  2. No doubt they were more than just ‘questionable’. I checked my stats at work and thought I better not let anyone see those ads! Defininitely not good. The other big media outlet where I saw those ads seems to not be running them any longer, either. At least I didn’t see them when I went back to check.