I’ve just finished watching the final episode of this season’s BATTLESTAR GALACTICA. Yeah, I know I’m behind. I’ve avoided reading anything about it in order to not spoil any surprises, so I’ll admit that the ending came as a total shocker to me.

If he’s dead, I’m D-O-N-E. I hope that the writers are reading. I know it’s their story and they can tell it how they want. But this isn’t a story I want to watch. I imagine that others feel differently than I do, and that’s fine. But this is so far beyond what I will accept that there is no chance whatsoever for a reversal.

I will find out if he lives or dies on unofficial web sites. If they play it out with him in a coma or something, I won’t watch it and probably won’t come back later.

If he is dead, I will not watch another episode. I will not buy a single DVD. Done.

That’s too bad.


  1. Battlestar Galactic??? We must be a little out of touch here in the Mid East. What Battlestar Galactica? Is it a weekly series; what network or cable channel? The whole thing sounds like felgercarb to me. LOL!

  2. Wow, that’s some rock you live under. This not one but two tv series, with the later being a better remake of the first. The first series started off as movie too (early ’80s) now get you off to the video rental store, and watch…it’s like Mormons in space…only way cooler. now …have you heard of Star Wars by anychance?

  3. Correction, Flanker said ‘mideast’ thought it was midwest. my bad. Not so sure if NetFlix delivers out that far.

  4. Yes, there’s a significant difference between ‘Mid East’ and ‘Midwest’. LOL. But I think Flanker is pulling our leg, as ‘felgercarb’ is an old Galactica, um, expression. As for GALACTICA, it’s been a pretty good remake, despite some problems. At least until the season-ending surprise. I haven’t watched a fiction television series regularly since MILLENNIUM in (I think 1996) but this year I watched both GALACTICA and LOST. And I’m on the verge of dropping both of them.

  5. Don’t do it, Man! Galactica is worth the watch, even if the commander dies. You have to remember, in the first series, Adama almost dies, too. Even if they kill him off, the whole show is worth watching for Katee Sackhoff. RRROOWWFFF!

  6. He’ll be FINE, they won’t kill off a major character THAT fast. It’s been a great initial season though. Fantastic stories.

  7. I thought I saw it announced somewhere that Edward James Olmos is coming back for season 2. Unlikely they would kill him off and still need the actor. 🙂

  8. I dont know what part of the Mideast Flanker’s from but here in ‘cedar revolution-we all love Joumanna’ Lebanon, we get BG on TVLand every week, granted it’s the first season of the new series.

  9. Wow. I’m surprised to get so many comments on a post about a TV show. Well, if Edward James Olmos is indeed coming back, that’s probably good news. But Adama might be a Cylon, remember? Maybe the Boomer on Galactica saw an Adama model or something and wants to take the other Cylons down. Yeah, I know I’m reaching. I’m just not thrilled with the idea of no Adama or a Cylon Adama. The show is good but not great, and the Adama character (and EJO’s performance) is a big part of why I keep watching. Although I totally woudn’t have stormed the President’s ship like that. Not unless there had been a lot of other bad (from his perspective) decision making. It’s like he snapped, or something. But I’m a Believing sort of guy, and he isn’t, so that’s probably why his reaction to the whole Arrow Thingy theory is different than mine probably would have been. However, I would have totally demanded to take out that Cylon Base Ship first, then let Starbuck go get the Arrow Thingy. I’m giving the series three episodes of Adama-in-a-coma. After that, if he isn’t back I’m gone.

  10. I have never watched the show, however, based on other series like it, my take is that you will have at least one episode of him in a coma battling some issue and find himself. I say at least one episode as they may do a two-part. Then maybe an episode of the crew reminiscing on time with him in the past. He will finally come to when there is some impending battle that they need him for and …..tada…he will be ready in the next show. News flash – it’s just a TV show Murdoc:) And you will buy the DVD, stop kidding yourself! Ciao……

  11. I’ve been toying with the idea of an Adama Cylon. It would tell us a lot, starting with the fact that Cylons can breed and aren’t sterile (Apollo). It would also bring in the question of how many other on Galactica are cylon half breeds. Starbuck, perhaps, with her ‘talent’ at flying Cylone Raiders (which no one else seems to possess)?