More spares on Strykers


Seeing more of these. Possibly a lesson learned from experience?

Also, this comment came in on the earlier post:

I just returned from a year in Iraq with the first unit of Strykers to be deployed, 3rd BDE, 5-20 INF.

The spare tires are often thrown on top in case of a flat when they are traveling more than a few clicks from the FOB. Getting a flat in the middle of a hostile town after you’ve kicked in some doors and taken detainees isn’t fun, ask me how i know. 🙂

Plus…in the hot time of the year flats are a very common thing. Even though the Stryker can drive virtually unimpeded on only 4 tires, its nice to have a spare. We have changed a flat tire in 12 min with a full vehicle.

It never really occurred to me that the distance you’re planning on going might affect whether or not you toss a spare aboard, but it only makes sense. (pic via SBN)

UPDATE: Here’s another shot of a Stryker with a spare, and the RWS is clearly visible, as well:


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  1. Seeing that RWS with real world dirt on it pointed in your general direction looks like a hell of a lot of ‘bad day’. Ooof. It must suck to get killed by HAL.