I guess Madaen wasn’t exaggerated

Dozens of bodies found in Iraq


The bodies of more than 50 people have been recovered from the Tigris River and have been identified, President Jalal Talabani said Wednesday. He said the bodies were believed to have been those of hostages seized in a region south of Baghdad earlier this month.

That would be Madaen, which MO covered here, here, and here. On Monday, it was thought that the reports of hostages had been exaggerated since no hostages were found. Apparently, no hostages were found since they had been dumped into the Tigris after being killed.

Very sad.

Talabani claims to have the names of the terrorists who did this.

UPDATE: Debbye at Being American in T.O. writes:

Over 60 Bodies Found in Iraq.

Story developing.

To think I once fancied myself a pacifist.

Debbye apparently hasn’t heard that Iraq didn’t have any WMD.


  1. Actually nothing wrong with being a pacifist. I’m a pacifist. It’s how you achieve and maintain the peace that matters. I happen to think superior firepower is sometimes the only way to reach a meaningful peace.

  2. I happen to think superior firepower is sometimes the only way to reach a meaningful peace.’ Well said, Murdoc!

  3. I too am a pacifist. Here is the end of my prayer for peace (usually recitied with my piece) I learned at Parris Island. I will keep my rifle clean and ready, even as I am clean and ready. We will become part of each other. We will… Before God I swear this creed. My rifle and myself are the defenders of my country. We are the masters of our enemy. We are the saviors of my life. So be it, until there is no enemy, but PEACE. I love this picture: http://difrompi.freeservers.com/graphics.htm#greeting

  4. Im sure it was Saddam, and not Islamic terrorists (a la Israel, Saudi Arabia, Chechnya, Indonesia, Bali, Madrid, Kashmir, etc.)

  5. But, as we speak, the families of the victims are rejoicing that Saddam is no longer in power, and that the Americans strongly condemn these acts. What WOULD they do without you guys?

  6. Jason: Not sure what you mean by your first comment. As for the second, would you have said the same thing about a French or Belgian familiy killedy by Germans or Americans or collateral damage during the Allied invasion of Europe?

  7. Well, the removal of Saddam was the goal of the war, and with that goal accomplished, Iraq continues to be one of the most dangerous places on Earth. In regards to your analogy, I would have said the same thing, if these occured AFTER the removal of Hitler.

  8. Jason: Fair enough response. To make the analogy more of an apples-to-apples thing, what if Nazi dead-enders and Italian mob types were running amok in France, Germany, and Belgium kidnapping civilians, assassinating local law enforcement and government officials, and attacking Allied troops in 1946 and 1947? I realize that it didn’t happen that way. The analogy is ‘What if it HAD happened that way?’ Should we: A) Have stayed out of Europe B) Defeated Germany then immediately pulled out C) Done everything pretty much the same D) Something else And would you be asking ‘What would the French getting killed in droves have ever done without the Americans?’ And Brits and Aussies and Poles etc., etc…