But how did he really feel?

Vietnam vet spits in Jane Fonda’s face

UPDATE: ACE writes:

She can write about that experience in her next book.

He’s been busting out some good ones lately.


  1. I’m not a vietnam vet, but I’m glad he did this. Should let her know what military people feel about her. Chew-spit is a hell of a lot more manly than salad dressing or cream pies. I wish I could’ve seen it.

  2. I think this is uncalled for. Some people treasure their hatreds as much as their lives and blessings. Jane Fonda was just stupid. She may have been trying to annoy her dad, and I’ll bet she succeeded, but basically she thought she was doing the right thing. A fool could tell that there was something wrong with that war. It’s also foolish to think that she is the one who lost it. People hate Jane Fonda because she was a pin-up girl who wouldn’t stay in her role. Other people did similar things without earning the same level of hatred. Some of them went into politics. Were her actions treasonous? Maybe. Maybe she should have gone to jail. Tokyo Rose did. But what kind of person would wait in line for an hour and a half just to do such a thing (not to mention 38 years). Tobacco juice is nasty stuff. And the mind of this individual is nastier. He wouldn’t have done it if Henry were still alive.