Actually took lunch at lunch

Normally I read and blog over my lunch hour. Today, though, my wife and kids took me out to lunch. So basically no blogging this afternoon. I’ll probably try to catch up a bit later this evening. Or maybe not.

Here’s a couple of quick things that caught my eye:

Governor apologizes for border comment
Not that it would ever happen, but if things changed and he tried to run for President, don’t think that this “slip-up” wouldn’t come back to haunt him.

“‘Destroy’ China? No, no, no. I meant ‘contain’ China.” “Uh, Mr. President? The Joint Chiefs thought you meant ‘destroy’ China. So they launched everything, including the kitchen sink on a cruise missile not fifteen minutes ago.”

Think that’s unrealistic? The only thing more unbelievable would be to say something about outlawing some enemy country and joking that we start bombing in five minutes. So yeah, it’s pretty unrealistic.

As for the border situation, I think he made it pretty clear where he stands. ‘Securing’ the border should be a no-brainer.

And wasn’t that awesome when Reagan said that?

And in Stryker news,

Heavy Weapons Platoon, B Company, 3-21 INF in action

Performing a little of the old in-and-out.

Checking in with residents.

Routine traffic stop.

Looking for trouble.

Just another day in Mosul. (pics from the 5/20/05 Frontline Photos)


  1. Curtis: I didn’t notice. Good catch! I double-checked the captions on Frontline Photos, and those pictures ARE all of soldiers with the Heavy Weapons Platoon, B Co, 3-21 INF. I wonder if just a particular squad in the platoon is trying them out, or what.

  2. Most if not all soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan should have the exact same helmet. It was originally designed for the Land Warrior program and then was issued to SF several years back. The Army started issuing it to conventional forces as part of the Rapid Fielding Initiative (RFI), which began in 2002 (for the 101st/82nd BDEs that were rotating through Afghanistan). 3/2 ID (SBCT) was issued its RFI in OCT 03 and 1/25 ID (SBCT) would have been issued it last summer/fall prior to their deployment. RFI was set up in Iraq last spring to issue to units that had deployed without receiving RFI Stateside (for OIF2 units, all OIF3 units should have received theirs Stateside). It is called the Advanced Combat Helmet (ACH) and is made by MSA Gallet. It uses gel pads and a 4 point retention system so it is much more comfortable than the old PASGT Kevlar Helmet and is much more stable (which is key when you are wearing your NVGs). You are also probably referring to the headsets that you see under the helmets. MSA Gallet also makes these (there are other companies that make the same products as well, for example, Peltor) and they are called the Modular Integrated Communications Helmet system (MICH). You can plug this headset into your radio(s) so you won’t miss any radio traffic; additionally, there is a microchip that reduces noises above a certain decibel level and amplifies those noises below that decibel level. This will allow you to be right next to a firing machine gun and have a conversation with the gunner. The headset will deaden the firing noise while amplifying the conversation.