Can’t show that…might make someone mad


Just like during the Abu Gharib story a year ago, Legacy Media refrains from showing images which may upset or enrage anyone.

(That’s sarcasm, folks.)

Send me the video. MO will post it.

UPDATE: More thoughts on this at Michelle Malkin’s.


  1. Hey, they maintained his dignity, right to the end. They didn’t make him wear panties on his head.

  2. Maybe someone should carry out God’s Verdict and summarily execute anyone suspected of being a terrorist. Seems more than fair to me…

  3. The full video is on The survivor is shown laying down in tall grass. He says his leg is broken, a terrorist tells him to get up, and the survivor puts out his hand asking for help getting up. The camera cuts and the survivor is standing, a terrorist yells ‘Go!’, the survivor turns around and walks away. He turns toward someone off-camera with his hand extended, and is shot to death to cries of ‘allah ackbar’. ‘Appears to show slaying’, my ass.

  4. Only when they’re not bashing on America! Bet this doesn’t get anywhere near the longevity of the Abu Ghraib thing either.

  5. I think you are right in saying this won’t get the longevity of Abu Gharib. But I don’t think it has anything to do with any kind of sympathies. It is simply that this kind of thing has been carried out by Islamic fundamentalists again, and again, and again. We have come to expect this of them. The reason Abu Gharib was bigger is precisely because that is NOT the way the Americans treat their prisoners.

  6. Jason, I’ll agree that Abu Gharib was a ‘bigger’ story than this, and mostly for the reason you gave. And I’ll agree that it warranted more coverage than this is getting. However, I really do think that sympathies do, in fact, have more than a little to do with the way the respective stories were covered. Remember that around the middle of the Abu Gharib month-long front page coverage, the video of Nick Berg being beheaded was posted. The story wasn’t completely ignored, but it didn’t pre-empt Abu Gharib one bit even though Abu Gharib had been front page news for a couple of weeks already. And the video itself and even the worst images from it weren’t shown, specifically for fear of creating strong feelings against certain groups of people. Obviously, no such care was taken with images or details of Abu Gharib. It seems to me that the same thing is happening here, at least to an extent. And I think it very much has to do with sympathies of some of the decision-makers. No one seems to mind showing stories of American wrong-doing, even though that goes on every day, too.

  7. Oh, and ACE, I almost originally wrote something about ‘at least they didn’t put panties on his head’. Great minds think alike…And so do we.