UPDATE: Can’t show that…might make someone mad

6 detained in helicopter downing in Iraq

An Iraqi citizen helped US forces apprehend six suspects in the shooting down of a helicopter carrying six Americans, three Bulgarians, and two Fijians.

One of them, apparently a Bulgarian crew member, survived the shoot down only to be executed by the attackers.

The video, originally posted by ogrish.com, is available here on MO.

***Watch at your own risk***

Download execution video (3.3 MB)


  1. If they’re the ones (who downed the chopper and shot the survivor)……..then hats off to the Iraqis who did the right thing, and turned those maggots in!

  2. These people place NO value on human life. At least these perps were caught quickly. Expect your hit rate to jump way up, …doc. Videos of killings are very popular with searchers. I’ve never quite understood why people follow orders when they are going to die. I guess they’re hoping they’ll live if they cooperate.

  3. These sick, disgusting excuses for human beings actually think cold-blooded executions are ‘god’s verdict’ It’s good to see that there were several Iraqi’s who cooperated and therefore obviously did not align themselves witht these murderous ideals.

  4. Pity, that Mi-8 most likely did not have any defensive countermeasures, and was flying singly. I guess they must be getting desperate with this too, cause if they had attacked a US flight, not only do they have countermeasures that have been proved quite effective against the soviet AA missiles, but also they fly in 2-ship formations at least. In my view, we should see this as being a desperate attempt to gain some media coverage.

  5. Yeah, I think if it had US-built countermeasures (IR suppressors, jammers, flares, etc.) onboard it probably would have escaped 🙁 Then again we don’t know how many helicopters were shot at before one was taken down… in fact, I bet it’s possible for the people in a helicopter to not even realise they’re being shot at if it misses completely.