Guard vet drafted in 5th round by the Redskins

As this site has grown, I’ve really limited the amount of sports blogging as I generally only cover my favorite teams and it doesn’t really mesh with the military/political nature of MO.

But here’s one for you: The Washington Redskins drafted linebacker Robert McCune out of Louisville in the fifth round in yesterday’s NFL draft.

McCune, 26, spent three years after high school in the Army, including stints in South Korea and Kuwait, walked on at Louisville, earned a scholarship after one semester for his prowess on special teams and later blossomed at linebacker. “I was just going to pay my way with my money from the G.I. Bill,” he said.

His bio on Louisville’s site says he was in the National Guard, not the regular Army. But we all know that the Guards are in the thick of it.

Gibbs described McCune (6 feet, 245 pounds) as unique. “The only thing I’m going to say is wait until you see this guy,” Gibbs said, and called middle linebacker “a spot where somebody can make our team.”

It looks like he served 1997-2000 or so, so he didn’t see action in the War on Terror. He was out of the Guard and in school by 9/11.

NFL Draft Countdown has this to say:

Strengths: Amazing speed for the position…Great size…Very strong…A defensive playmaker…Has been very productive…Has a ton of potential.

Weaknesses: Still raw and has a long way to go in terms of learning the nuances of the position…Lacks consistency and doesn’t always play up to his ability…Will be a 26-year-old rookie in 2005.

Notes: Member of the National Guard who served a six-month stint in Kuwait and another year in Korea…True workout warrior who will really impress teams physically leading up to the draft…Could go higher than you may think due to his physical tools and upside.

Everyone has their own story, but simply on the merit of his service to the country I am going to be pulling for Mr. McCune to make the squad.

Maybe this sort of thing happens more than I think, but you don’t see too many stories like this. Especially these days.