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Pentagon: Soldiers not at fault in Italian’s death

Apparently, the report on the shooting up of the car carrying freed Italian hostage Giuliana Sgrena which killed intelligence agent Nicola Calipari was pretty much on the money.

It seems that no coordination was even attempted with the US military and that soldiers manning the checkpoint acted properly, according to the investigation by the US military but including significant Italian participation.


Italian media reported that while Italian officials participated in the U.S. investigation, it is unclear whether they would endorse the report. News reports in Italy also said officials there do not agree with the findings.

If the Italians don’t endorse the report, its credibility would likely be hurt in Italy.

Italian magistrates are conducting their own unilateral investigation into the shootings and are being given access to the car that carried Calipari and Sgrena in hopes of determining how the soldiers fired on it.

Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi is hanging on by a thread at home. He’s reorganizing his government and Italy will have parliamentary elections next year. The invasion of Iraq, supported strongly by his government, was never very popular with the Italian population.

His swift condemnation of the incident won him support with voters, but now he’s pretty much committed to blaming the US. He’s between Iraq and a hard place, a place many world leaders have found themselves lately. (hat tip to the reader who alerted me to this story)

UPDATE: Expat Yank notes this story, as well. Why isn’t it getting more attention?


  1. I actually saw a pretty similar story in today’s LA Times. They did a good job (gasp). Nowhere near the front page though.