Bluff? Double Bluff? Double Dog Bluff?

Al-Zarqawi eluded capture but left clues, source says

Our guys apparently came close to nabbing the bastard in February, and they did, in fact, get his laptop computer and over $100,000 worth of Euros. That computer was quite possibly a treasure trove of intel.

But who really knows what it means that they’re releasing this info? It’s all a big game going on under the radar and behind the scenes. We’ll never know a tenth of what the shadow war is all about.

Are they releasing this info now to scare Zarqawi and maybe flush him into the open? That would probably mean that we lost his trail. Of course, maybe we want him to think we lost his trail when we’re actually closing in, so we say that we’re closing in.

Or maybe we want him to think that we’re double bluffing. Or maybe this is for the benefit of the Saudis, since hand-holding didn’t seem to bring oil prices down. And a chief justice of Saudi Arabia’s Supreme Judicial Council is urging Saudis to fight Americans.

Who knows why those shadow warriors do what they do?