Malkin has more on the FAMs


Michelle Malkin notes that Federal Air Marshal Frank Terreri was reinstated one day after his lawsuit (noted here) was filed. The spokesman for the Federal Air Marshal Service says the reinstatement had nothing to do with the lawsuit.

Malkin responds:


However, she observes:

It’s interesting to see the ACLU and New York Times finally paying attention to the important national security matters raised by Terreri. But note that the Left has only come around on the marshals’ mess when it’s cast as a free speech issue.

When some of these whistleblowers in airport security start talking about the need for common-sense racial/ethnic/religious/nationality profiling, we’ll see how much the ACLU and New York Times really champion their free speech rights.

Meanwhile, the Federal Air Marshal Service will soon be slapping NOW HIRING signs up.

Captain’s Quarters has more on this subject.

Malkin also notes terrorists propensity for libraries. Deroy Murdock (no relation) has more. Maybe we need a Federal Library Marshal Service.

Of course, we don’t have enough Federal Air Marshals or Border Patrol agents. Why would we hire Library Marshals?