ROTK Trailer to debut this weekend

“Secondhand” look at “Rings” trailer

The first trailer for the final “Lord of the Rings” film, “The Return of the King,” will be shown this weekend exclusively before “Secondhand Lions.” It will be posted on Monday on

The film opens December 17.

The “Lord of the Rings” films are what the “Star Wars” prequels should have been: excellent. Although I personally felt that “The Two Towers” was not nearly as good as “The Fellowship of the Ring,” I have very high hopes for “The Return of the King.”

And for those who have pointed out to me that “The Return of the King” stole the idea for its title from “Return of the Jedi”: SHUT UP.


  1. Dude, if you look at the progressions of the story lines in Star Wars and LOTR, it’s pretty clear that Tolkien was *AT LEAST* a SW watcher, if not a full-blown Lucas fan! I mean, c’mon… ***