Quick sports post

The real world has been putting a major damper on posting today. Job security and all, I guess. Anyway, here’s a quickie on the former US Army soldier drafted (heh…drafted) by the Washington Redskins:

McCune Takes Long Way To Redskins’ Rookie Camp

Inside linebacker Robert McCune was taken in the fifth round last weekend and has an excellent chance to make the team an contribute:

Because of a three-year stint in the Army, followed by a three-year commitment to the National Guard while at the University of Louisville, McCune, 26, has experienced situations foreign to the Redskins’ other rookies: He spent April 1998 to April 1999 in South Korea as a petroleum specialist, supplying fuel for an infantry unit. A six-month assignment on a peacekeeping unit in Kuwait followed.

Despite McCune’s age, the Redskins used their fifth-round choice (154th overall) on the linebacker. “A lot of people probably backed off because of his age,” said Coach Joe Gibbs, “but for us, he’s a value.”

The Redskins liked McCune’s mix of speed and strength. At 6 feet, 243 pounds, he had the most impressive physique among the 70 players at camp. He hopes to fit in at a position, middle linebacker, that has been in flux since Antonio Pierce departed in March for the New York Giants.


McCune was disappointed that he didn’t get scholarship offers from Division I-A football programs and turned down offers from smaller schools such as Alabama State and Grambling. He had a plan: Enlist in the Army, then use money from the GI bill toward a Division I-A college before joining the football team as a walk-on.

In the Army, McCune killed time by complementing its rigorous exercise regimen. In the desert in Kuwait, McCune picked up rocks to use as dumbbells. McCune kept one rock, despite its sharp edges, for three months because of its ideal weight. When other soldiers teased McCune for his maniacal workouts, he told them of his goal to play college football.

After completing active duty, McCune ended up at Louisville partly because his cousin, Tiger Jones, recommended the school after receiving a scholarship out of high school. Only hours after drafting McCune, the Redskins signed Jones as an undrafted free agent wideout. “I was just like, ‘Wow, here we go again,’ ” McCune said yesterday.