Bad news

Two U.S. F-18s reportedly collide over Iraq

Two Marine Hornets flying off of the USS CARL VINSON apparently collided over Iraq. The search for the aircrews is underway.

I believe that all Marine F/A-18s are single-seaters, though I might be wrong about that. UPDATE: Yes, I was wrong about that. The Marines definitely fly the F/A-18D, which is a two-seater. I don’t know if these planes were Ds or not.


  1. If they were operating off the Vinson, they were single-seaters. The Marine F/A-18D night attack squadrons do not deploy with the Navy carriers. These two would most likely be F/A-18C.

  2. Thanks for the tip, Jack. I tried to find out which Marine squadron was on the VINSON, but all the info I found in limited searching was well out of date. I guess it shouldn’t be too easy to find that stuff out. Here’s hoping the guys are okay.

  3. Dear Murdoc, Just heard a ‘news-flash’ 3:00 AM EDT. Coalition forces recovered One (1) pilot (KIA). Still searching for the other (Pray he made it out ok). Looks like a mid-air, but they’re keeping their options open. However, they are certain it wasn’t terrorist activity.