5.56? 7.62? How about 5.56 + 7.62?

New .50-caliber sniper rifle approved

The XM107 is now the M107.

The term “full materiel release” signifies that the Army has rigorously tested and evaluated the item and determined that it is completely safe, operationally suitable, and logistically supportable for use by Soldiers, officials said.

Product Manager for Crew Served Weapons Lt. Col. Kevin Stoddard said that PMSW previously equipped combat units in Afghanistan and Iraq, as well as other units supporting the global war on terrorism, with the M-107 under an urgent materiel release.

The Army expects to complete fielding of the M-107 in 2008, Stoddard said.

The M-107 was funded as a Soldier Enhancement Program to type classify a semi-automatic .50 caliber rifle for the Army and other military services. It underwent standard type classification in August 2003.

As they say: “That’ll make a hole.”

But it’s still a potato gun compared to the XM109.


  1. I should so request one for my armory. ‘One Away.’ ‘Commander, that was our last shell!’ ‘No matter. Loader, pop the hatch and use our M107’ Boom Boom Boom Boom. ‘Commander, all targets destroyed’ lol.