Atkins “Before” and “After” it ain’t

I’ve written previously about the images of captured enemy leaders, and how they don’t quite stand up (especially the ones who had been lying in spider holes and such) to the pre-capture file photos plastered all over the place. Those pics were always of clean, competent men. The pics after the capture aren’t always so flattering:

But don’t think it’s an accident that so many pictures of him looking so bad are plastered all over the place.


This is a powerful anti-recruiting tool. Many who are willing to follow the well-dressed, powerful-looking men maybe won’t be so willing to throw their lives away for the rats we’re pulling out of dank holes looking like mountain hermits.

Chrenkoff has visuals that get the message across. Definitely worth a look.

Via Instapundit, who writes:

I think the State Department should make sure that the photos get wide distribution. Of course, if we’d had a State Department that thought like that all along, we might not have had this problem . . .