UPDATE on the cell phone in school story

According to this Cox News Service story, the 10-day suspension has been reduced to 3 days.

That’s probably more in line with the situation. And I remain 100% convinced that calls for general uprising are unwarranted.

It would be nice if families of deployed soldiers got all sorts of special treatment. God knows they deserve it. But implementing all that special treatment would be, in many cases, an unrealistic request.

I truly believe that there’s a reasonable compromise here, and that extremist calls for the head of the principal on a platter aren’t going to help anyone.

(I’ll be away from the computer for most of the weekend, so posting will be light to non-existent. But feel free to go pile on in the comments section of my earlier post on this story if the mood strikes you.)


  1. Haven’t read all the comments in the earlier post, nor followed the story very closely, but I suspect if he’d touched base with the principal ahead of time, the principal would have let him take/make the call in his office if necessary. Many problems can be avoided with a little communication.