Latest setback for the Shuttle

NASA to switch shuttle fuel tanks

They still hope to make their re-scheduled mid-July launch.


  1. I’m afraid NASA will never approach the original goal of launching a shuttle as frequently as every month again. It’s running scared … scared to death of another disaster. In the old days, NASA just declared space travel was risky and forged ahead, like Marines. Now, it’s tiptoe-ing gingerly. Space exploration is inherently dangerous. We can’t approach it like the Feds regulating car safety. Time to bring the Americans back from the Space Station and abandon the Shuttle program, moving on to better, safer designs. The Shuttle never really achieved its goals of reusable vehicles and thus reduced cost. Meanwhile, we can do more robotic exploration, which is far more economical. Maybe we should go back to sending up Chimps. Or, better yet, lawyers. They’re more plentiful, and you don’t get as attached to them. 😉