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Sorry, Pre-Order of the Propper Army Combat Uniform Suspended due to availability and production date changes!

A reader tips me off to this.:

04 May 05 – The camouflage pattern of the ACU has changed slightly to a darker green as requested by Department of the Army. This change will affect the release of the ACU commercially and reduce the number of uniforms available to military units preparing for deployment. We can no longer guarantee a shipping date of 22 June due these manufacturing and production date changes.

It’s unclear to me whether this change to a darker green has just been made in the military version (which pushes commercial sets back), or if it was made before adopting the military version and is just “new” news to the commercial sector.


  1. A quick google search doesn’t find an official announcement of the change. Looks like BIG GREEN is trying to slip this change under the radar. Can’t blame them. After all the verbiage about all the extensive research and testing in the earlier announcements, they don’t want to admit that some old salt general thinks the pattern doesn’t have enough green. That said, I agree with him!

  2. ACE: It’s entirely possible (maybe even likely) that the change isn’t actually recent. It could have been made way back, but the effect just trickled down to commercial suppliers recently. Or maybe that camo store has known about it for some time but just didn’t make the announcement until now because of the number of people on the waiting list. Or maybe field use of the ACE has shown the Army that changes needed to be made…

  3. I’ve been checking out some of the photographs of the 48th Brigade Combat Team in Iraq. They are the first unit to be deployed with the new army combat uniform. I know photographs may not be the best source of information, but the ACU universal pattern seems to work well in that environment. It seems to blend with the terrain very well.

  4. Hello, I happened to be surfing and found this blog. The Camo Patterns was changed as a request from PEO (basicallythe guys that actually do the testing for Department of the Army. The Uniform was approved for wear but THE CAMO Pattern never gained appoval from PEO and Department of the Army. DA (Department of the Army) ordered the ACU into production with the grey-er version of the ACU while camo patterns were still ebing evaluated. 2 million uniforms were produced using this pattern for units deploying to OEF/OIF in FY05. The reasoning is that the BRASS wanted the uniform on the street for wide scale evaluation beofre approving a final camo pattern. Now the green-er camo pattern or called ‘foilage’ is now approved. Therefor delaying production becasue of the changes. We offered a pre-order based on the original infomration provided by the maker. We have received an intial supply of ACUs in the grey-er patterns and they have been shipped. However we only received a fraction of what we were promised due to the camo changes. New Uniform should be out by July to the military with a 90-120 delay to the civilian market. Whew – Hopefull ythat explains it – Vist The Camo Store for more new! – The Camo Store