Think I’m exaggerating the threat that Newsweek created?

This story continues to grow. And, um, it’s no longer on the front page at (Oops, just checked. It’s back again.)

However, via Instapundit, I noticed this at Austin Bay:

The Arab News adds this:

In Afghanistan, a group of clerics threatened to call for a holy war against the United States in three days unless it handed over military interrogators who are reported to have desecrated the Qur’an.

Religious leaders (though I don’t know how prominent) are calling for a holy war if we don’t cough up the men who didn’t do this. This isn’t a couple of nuts all freaked out and looking to score revenge on the some infidels. This is Afghan religious leadership calling for war.

Maybe my arbitrary number of six months’ worth of setback in Afghanistan was way too small.

Heads need to roll at Newsweek.

“Heads need to roll”, of course, is simply an expression that means members of the staff need to lose their jobs.

For some, though, “heads need to roll” means that heads need to be removed from bodies and rolled on the floor. It’s going to happen, and no apology from Newsweek is going to prevent it.

UPDATE: The Political teen has video clips of Fox News’ coverage and Geraldo Rivera. The video at that second link is big, but whatever you might think of Geraldo it’s a pretty good report. Newsweek Washington Bureau Chief Daniel Klaidman is interviewed, and he is ah, um, ah, in, ah, um, damage, um control. Um. Mode.

And Col. Hunt (Ret), of whom I’m no large fan, says “You CAN NOT get it this wrong. People have axes to grind, I understand. They’re against the war. That’s fine. But how about not HURTING the war? How about causing no harm? This is the type of thing that turns everybody against the press.” And he called Kladiman an idiot.

As I’ve thought about this, it’s occurred to me that the word of the Koran desecration hasn’t really spread yet. Over the coming weeks, it’s going to continue to spread by word of mouth across the low-tech lands of Islam. You can bet that the word of Newsweek’s apology won’t be spreading so quickly.

UPDATE 2: The apology doesn’t seem to be helping much:

UPDATE 3: Dean Esmay:

Not good enough, Newsweek. People have died because of your shoddy work. Furthermore, a half-assed retraction won’t do because many in the muslim world will not hear about the retraction–and many others will choose not to believe the retraction. You guys now have blood on your hands, and you’re going to keep having blood on your hands because of this, as many will claim that the retraction is “lies” and that it “really happened.”

Furthermore, if we ever had any doubts that the press is not on our side in the war, that it is anxious to publish stories of failure and doom and rarely cares to look at our successes (many of them utterly historic), well, Michael Isikoff John Barry and the Newsweek editorial team have finally laid them to rest. You guys are enemy propagandists. It’s just who you are. It’s nice that you’ve at least stopped pretending.

UPDATE 4: Lead and Gold writes:

I want to know what other scoops the forgetful anonymous source helped with.

I hadn’t even thought of that. Who knows what havoc this “source” has wreaked.


  1. Yes Sir, some lies, once told, become truths to many, and no amount of corrections can get them back in the box and out of the minds of many. The MSM is general has become irresponsible — more interested in being the first with an exclusive story than in verifying the facts. There’s no telling how much ill will has been created, and how many lives it will cost.

  2. Vstress: Yep. I’m waiting for Newsweek to write about the deplorable actions of those people. And for the widespread rioting across the globe over the desecration of the US flag.

  3. I cannot fully express my disgust with this story. I know many soldiers freshly returned from duty at Gitmo. In one untrue, unethical swipe, Newsweek has smeared them while giving enormous aid and comfort to the enemy. I will never read that rag again. I’m also done with MSNBC. I hope everyone with a subscription cancels ASAP.