Newsweek is incredible! Really!

Or is that “uncredible”?

Well, during the day the argument seemed to shift to “Newsweek apologized but they haven’t retracted it.” And Newsweek people were on the shows making their case.

Then Newsweek retracted the story.

As worthless as I think Newsweek is, CBS News never actually retracted the Bush Memo story, did it? It just said it couldn’t prove they were authentic and fired some people. But it never said it was retracting the story.

Of course, no one died over it, either.


  1. DON’T try this little exercise, just imagine it through in your head. Take a Readers Digest, which is probably 1/5 as big as the Koran, and flush it down the toilet???? Stand back, ‘cuz even the Readers Digest won’t make it. Nor would a Koran. Yeah, two real smart reporters.

  2. The one which was allegedly flushed was torn up first. Also, the ‘toilets’ are described at times as just being buckets, not the fancy ceramic waterclosets we gots.

  3. No, to the best of my knowledge, CBS did not retract the story, and never fired anyone either. Three were asked to resign, and the last I heard was that they refused. Nothing else was ever said on the subject.

  4. See this Scrappleface satire post (and comments) re. the Newsweek story. It’s interesting that the Arab world showed high credibility in Newsweek for the original story but many there are now saying they don’t believe the retraction. Just goes to show people tend to believe ‘news’ which supports their ‘views’ — and vice versa.

  5. So now there’s a bunch of right-wingers who are pitching the desecrated Koran riot story with the line ‘Newsweek Lied, People Died.’ Get it? It’s funny, because it’s making fun of what all the anti-war people said when 1,700 Americans were killed based on lies they were warned about but didn’t listen to. What, don’t you have a *@#%ing sense of humor

  6. They’re making fun of the slogan, Jason, which was no more true than the ‘War never solved anything’ one. (I love the Protest Warrrior anti-antiwar sign which starts with that in large letters, then tells all the things war has solved in fine print below.) People died when we invaded Iraq because we NEEDED to take Saddam out (because he violated the conditions established after Dessert Storm, killed and tortured his own people, cheated on the Oil for Food program, and in general was a destabilizing force in the region). Apparently Bush had faulty intelligence re. WMDs. But that’s not the same as lying, which is telling a known untruth. It’s also well documented that there were other good reasons to take Saddam out, which Bush stated before. Even John Kerry said Saddam needed to be taken out, before he said he shouldn’t have been, before he said he should, … Those in the Coalition military who have died have died for a great cause. The Middle East and the World will ultimately be a much better place for the sacrifices they have made. The causes of personal freedoms, human rights, and democracy are spreading like wildfire throughout the region. Those who died as a result of sloppy Newsweak reporting died for no good reason at all. And, the positive momentum was set back a step. That’s the shame. Newsweak deserves a major drop in subscriptions and (hopefully) a shutdown from this, just as the SeeBS ratings have nosedived since Rathergate.

  7. For the record, except for linking to the Michelle Malkin post of that title, I haven’t said ‘Newsweek Lied, People Died’. I don’t know that Newsweek did intentionally lie, and I’m willing to give them the benefit of the doubt. But almost everyone I’ve seen who HAS used that slogan (including Malkin) has noted that same thing. It seems to be the ‘Bush Lied, People Died’ crowd that’s lacking a sense of humor.

  8. Oops, sorry Murdoc, didn’t notice that you didn’t use the phrase. Anyway, I also have a beef with that line because I don’t think being wrong is the same as lying, as ACE has said above. However, lots out there seem to be pretending it is, and that Newsweek is being unpatriotic. It is not the purpose of the press to be the govt’s sounding board. Are you suggesting that the Press review with the govt before it comes out with something damaging? Where does one draw the line?