Lone voice of reason?

A reader tips me off to this comment left by someone calling himself “arab from united arab” on al-Jazeera.com:

I don’t frequent al-Jazeera. Why would I when I have the domestic publication called Newsweek? Anyway, the reader tells me that comments on al-Jazeera are always mangled like this in order to circumvent the strict filters.

I haven’t really commented on the fact that, even if this was true, riots and deaths really aren’t warranted for the desecration of a book. While I don’t think that they are, the fact is that everyone knows it’s the likely result at this point in history.

And while I don’t agree with those that claim Newsweek is personally responsible for the deaths caused in the riots, I also don’t believe for one second that Newsweek had no idea that the report would be met with such anger. In fact, I think they knew perfectly well.

That’s not to say that they published it to intentionally create riots and unrest. But they published it knowing that it would.

If this commenter on al-Jazeera is, in fact, legit, it’s nice to see what I consider to be a little rational thought on this matter.