Dan the Man keeps getting knocked around

CBS cancels ’60 Minutes Wednesday’

Rather will be contributing to the regular Sunday edition of the show from now on.

CBS seems to be in a bit of a haze when it comes to their reasoning for pulling the plug:

“This was a ratings call, not a content call,” [CBS Chairman Leslie] Moonves said Wednesday.

The newsmagazine spinoff was where Rather reported last September that Bush skirted some duty while in the Texas Air National Guard and a commander felt pressure to sugarcoat an evaluation of him. An independent panel later concluded that documents used in the story could not be verified.

Moonves said that story didn’t figure in the decision to cancel it, “not even slightly.”

It may be perfectly true that the Bush Memo story had nothing to do with the decision to cancel the show. I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt on that, for sure. But to claim that it’s “a ratings call, not a content call” seems a little confused to me.

If the content was there, wouldn’t ratings be there? So maybe the show didn’t tank because of one story. But if the rest of the stories were what people wanted to see, wouldn’t people be watching?

Legacy Media seems either unaware that the walls are crumbling or pretending that they don’t notice. Or maybe they think if they tell us it isn’t happening WE won’t notice.

I’m all for the press and the news media. And I’ll completely agree that a free press is a cornerstone of democracy and freedom, despite what some are trying to twist my words to mean.

But the public has a right to expect better than they’re getting.

UPDATE: Meanwhile, Michael Williams notes something in an article on Reuters outsourcing that inadvertently reveals the method to their madness.

They aren’t reading MO, that’s for sure…


  1. Thanks for the link! You’re right about the link between content and ratings, of course, but you forget that leftists continually disconnect causes and effects.