No recall for this Marine armor

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That’s a tank attached to the 3-25 Marines. You may recall that’s one of the regiments that took part in Matador. And this tank looks like it’s seen some action.

From: M1A1 Abrams rolls over insurgency in Iraq

But isn’t the name of the tank anti-Muslim or anti-Semitic or something? Blow the enemy up, Devil Dogs. Shoot them down by the dozen. Just don’t create an atmosphere of uncomfortableness.


  1. Does it say ‘New Testament’ on the barrel of the main gun? Cool – I hope they did some preaching with that bad boy. The damage to the front looks more like they have been ramming down buildings than taking heavy fire. Knock, Knock, the Marines are here!

  2. I think we should have a list of potential subtlely offensive names handy for the boys over there. Like ‘Lunar Eclipse’ and ‘Pullstart’.

  3. Hello Folks, Just a retired MARINE working here in Baghdad on the reconstruction,remember to keep the faith and also to cover your buddy. SEMPER FI! AND KEEP YOUR POWDER DRY! Yes I do annoy people, and will continue to do so…….ITS IN MY NATURE!!!! For my friends from 1st and 3rd LARS……Tip of the Speer, and WOLF PACK!!!! The Specter has Spoken