I agree with the First Lady on this one

First lady: Bush should have known of breach

I think that Bush should have been made aware of the emergency evacuation of the Capitol and the White House when that plane flew too close a couple of weeks ago. He was on a biking trip at the time and wasn’t informed until after the incident had been cleared up.

Of course, if he hadn’t immediately jumped on a plane and rushed BACK to Washington, DC, we’d probably be hearing about how he’s irresponsible or clueless or something.

But he should have been made aware. Give me a break. He’s the Commander in Chief.


  1. The Secret Service people better be careful, getting on the bad side of the first lady is not conducive pormotional opportunities. Though an interesting question would be, would you rather get on the bad side of Nancy Regan or Laura Bush>

  2. Well at least most of us will admit both Nancy Reagan and Laura Bush do have GOOD sides. That’s more than I can say about Hillary!

  3. me too. ACE asked us if we thought it was a good test of DHS and I said, on pass fail it was a pass but for kanga’s sake the boss should’ve been taken care of in this thing. This whole thing with Laura is pretty historical. FDR got sick and Eleanor Roosevelt was made into a darling so the fact that the first lady gets a really good DHS issue (we elected the president to lead our country in an attack, not to be the second to last to know..) … well its pretty good work. The people will like Laura. But you know, I wouldn’t trust Karl Rove in an emergency as far as I could throw him. He is in charge of far too much. It was all ‘public perception’ that drove this stuff, not the Secret Service policy on informing the chief. IMHO FWIW NM