How dare I question Newsweek’s patriotism?

Not to beat a dead horse, but this caught my eye just now. It’s the Feb 2, 2005 Japanese edition of Newsweek magazine:


For more, including other editions’ covers from that week (including the American one, which, um, is nothing like this) see the post at Riding Sun. (via Instapundit)


  1. Relevant text translated —– In red, top left: ‘America Being Abandoned’ In white, bold, under ‘Newsweek’: ‘The Day America Died’ In yellow, under the title: ‘The ideal of ‘freedom’ that has been disgraced (it actually reads ‘fallen to earth’ – in Japanese it means much the same) under the continued rule of Bush’ —– By the way, I am a naturalized Japanese-American, born in Japan. I know how to read the language of my birth. I’m translating this to give others a heads up before they start the commentary on the cover. I always had a low opinion of Newsweek ever since it came out a decade ago in its Japanese edition for the paucity of its reporting, but I never thought they’d try to demand such a suspension of disbelief for 400 yen. For that I can have two or three soda pops. My previous commentary on Newsweek elsewhere stands.