The plan

Iraq money would go to firefighters, hospitals, ZIP codes

Well, everyone seems to be getting tired of criticizing the complete lack of a detailed plan for postwar Iraq, so luckily there’s what amounts to a plan for postwar Iraq in the budget request.

A Bush administration document, distributed to members of Congress and obtained by The Associated Press, goes far beyond the details officials have publicly provided for how they would spend the $20.3 billion they have requested for Iraqi reconstruction.

The 53 pages of justifications flesh out the size of the task of rebuilding the country, almost literally brick by brick. It also paints a painstaking picture of the damage Iraq has suffered.

The same folks, who two days ago just COULD NOT BELIEVE that we didn’t have a plan, any plan, are now going to be able to rip apart an actual plan. When that gets old, they’ll be able to gripe about the cost of the plan. Then there’ll be a plan, but it’s taking too long. Pretty soon, they’re going to be left with complaining that women in Iraq earn 20% less than men in comparable occupations.

Is postwar Iraq a mess? Yes. Part of the reason for that is that is was a mess before the war started. It was pretty much a mess before the 1991 war started, but ignore that for now. After 12 years of rushing to war, things had reached a new low. Just when we thought it couldn’t get any worse, we BLEW THE HELL out of all sorts of stuff. Not to be outdone by aggressive Americans coming to Iraq to kill and destroy, people of other nationalities and even Iraqis themselves are getting in on the wanton destruction.

I can’t imagine why it’s taking so long to get a democracy flowering in Iraq.

I mean, construction crews in my neck of the woods have been working on a beltline freeway project for years. They’re years away from completing it. And, to my knowledge, no suicide bombers or snipers have interfered with them. Yet Iraq is a total disaster because a destroyed NATION hasn’t been completely rebuilt in four months WHILE THE FIGHTING IS STILL GOING ON.

There were two primary reasons for our complete failure: Not enough boots on the ground and not enough planning. But if anyone wants money to get (or keep) boots on the ground or to put any plans into motion, they’re too expensive. Do something! Do it now! Hurry! Just don’t spend so much money while occupying, securing, and rebuilding that country.