I call “shotgun”!

Ibis Tek’s Cobra

Based on the GMC Suburban:

Cobra is designed for multiple functions including VIP escort, reconnaissance security patrol, Homeland Defense, and special clandestine missions. This design offers exceptional protection for both the gunner and weapon, improving the overall performance, reliability, and accuracy of the vehicle. The driver and gunner are seated in the vehicle, protected from the environment. With the gunner in the vehicle rather than standing exposed behind the weapon, he is less vulnerable to attack from stones, bottles, garrote wires, and other non-ballistic threats. In addition, improved first hit probability results in reduced collateral damage and logistics.

The Stabilized Weapon and Reconnaissance Mount (SWARM) can mount a .50 cal machine gun, a 7.62mm machine gun, a 12.7mm chain gun, a 20mm M621 cannon, a M230 30mm cannon (like that on the Apache helicopter), or a Mk19 40mm grenade launcher. The SWARM is motion stabilized.

Here’s the SWARM’s control station:

But does it have an overhead DVD player for the kids on long trips?

UPDATE: Joel at No Pundit Intended writes “Bring THIS Home To Your Soccer Mom“.

Dang it! Why didn’t *I* write that???


  1. LOOKS GOOD, SOUNDS GOOD……Lotsa sexy bang-bang. BUT, All it takes is one strategically placed I.E.D. and all those expensive, computerized ‘gameboy’ gadgets are toast!

  2. James: Well, that 30mm would make some holes, that’s for sure. If they can put it on this thing, I’m sure they could manage to put it on a Stryker…as you mentioned in another post, the 25mm wouldn’t meet all the expectations for the big gun. I’m not suggesting the 25mm turret to replace the plagued 105mm, BTW. Just as another option. (One that might actually make it to the field…I’m getting skeptical about the 105mm version, though some are scheduled for production this year.) Toejam: No doubt you are 110% correct. Not a military vehicle, so I’d never suggest they run convoy escort, for instance. But a bit of firepower to scare off thugs attacking dignitaries or such. And fun for my family vacation, as well, if it has the previously-mentioned DVD players for the kids. Just so my boy doesn’t think the controls in the passenger seat are for some new hyper-realistic XBox game…

  3. Finally, a vehicle designed for DC commuting. No matter how many DC flyer cabs try to cut me off, I’d still be able to get where I’m going.

  4. Murdoc. IMO the 105mm needs to be scrapped. If the Stryker is to be infantry support, the 105mm has insufficent on board ammo supply. If the Stryker with 105mm is to perform the antiarmor role, the 105mm is too small, not enough Mj’s on target. That is why the M1 went from an 105 to 120mm. A better concept is too accept that the Stryker is an infantry support vehical and leave anti-tank abilities to the missiles. Now a concept that might be worth exploring is to adapt the MK75 navel gun to land use. The navy has already worked out the bugs on automating the gun. I could see a concept of automating the gun version of the Stryker with control of the vehicle on a 2nd Stryker. I would envision a 1 to 4 ratio. 1 Command vehicle and 4 automated gun carriers. Now that would be support.

  5. I agree – 120 mike mike is the way to go. Murdoc, Thanks for showing us this vehicle – I have the request in to ‘Domestic Six’ for one to tow the boat. 🙂 ‘No, it’s MY turn to recover my boat, sir.’ JG