Whoa, there, folks

Last night I noted a Washington Post story on an FBI report of Koran flushing allegations. My general drift was that they were basically just putting more stories critical of Bush out there and trying to deflect some criticism from those piling on the Leftist Legacy Media.

But some have decided that the report vidicates Newsweek in some way or another.

Which is pretty stupid, as anyone who has even glanced at the latest knows that it does no such thing.

Last night I decided that the Newsweek defenders had decided upon the “the riots weren’t caused by the Newsweek report” theory. But apparently the “fake but true” crowd still has some believers.

(NOTE: I personally wouldn’t be surprised if at least some of the allegations are at least partially true. That’s not the same as saying that Newsweek was right to publish the story or vindicated for doing so.)