Operation Squeeze Play

Iraqi forces are playing a big part in this operation in Baghdad’s Rusafa neighborhood. Here are some pics from Defend America:

Taking and returning fire.

Preparing to take an alley.

Scanning the rooftops. Looks like a Dragunov SVD.

Taking prisoners.

Mission accomplished.

Check out the whole series at Defend America.

UPDATE: Also, check out this series showing Iraqi armored forces patrolling the same areas a few weeks back in support of Operation Commando Brickyard.

A column of T-55s headed out on patrol.

Not state of the art. Not even comtemporary. But able to tear up tangos when required.

Go check out the whole series.


  1. That might not be an SVD. Shotgun News ran a story a couple months back on a very similar weapon produced by the Iraqis themselves. Can’t remember if it used the short stroke piston like the SVD or long stroke like the AK. Overall, same saliber, same mission, minor differences, but made in Iraq, not Russia.