Retired Carrier USS America Sunk Off U.S.

This is old news. The ship was sunk on May 14th, though it wasn’t reported by the Navy at the time. It made the news on the 20th, though I didn’t notice it until a couple of days later due to the bad case of Starwarsitis I was suffering from at the time. I thought I’d mention it here quick since I had been watching the story earlier.

We saw this F-4 on the flight deck of the USS YORKTOWN yesterday afternoon:

Notice this bit:

The ship is gone but not forgotten. And I still think that the next carrier should be named AMERICA.

I’ll be posting lightly over the next couple of days, depending on internet availability.


  1. WOW, The F-4 Phantom…. Arguably, the most beautiful and effective multi-role combat aircraft ever!

  2. I wonder how many star trek geeks are out there lobbying for the next carrier to be named ‘Enterprise’ or ‘Reliant.’ Hell, they’d probably like DDs and CGs named after Birds of Prey… We seem to be going with the president thing, so the next one will be [stares deeply into crystal ball while looking like he’s constipated]… almost got it … The next carrier will be the USS Millard Fillmore.

  3. Could be a heck of a lot worse buckethead, The next carrier could be christened: THE ‘USS HILLARY CLINTON’!

  4. Please accept my sincere apologies Murdoc. Sometimes I let my warped sense of humor take over my brain. PS: here’s a little item RE: Hillary from the ‘esteemed’ columnist Andrew Sullivan: ‘Hillary, perfectly positioned for the big one!’ Read the entire article at:,,2766-1641086,00.html

  5. America would be fine, but there are many great traditional carrier names that currently belong to no ship, or ships just decommissioned: Saratoga, Yorktown, Ranger, Constellation, Essex, Franklin, Intrepid, Independence, Valley Forge. Enterprise is also a traditional name which belonged to perhaps the most famous carrier of WW2. That name doesn-

  6. your coverage of the sinking of the USS Averica CVA/CV-66 is better than the 4 July issue of NavyTimes For those of us who served aboard her during combat operations in the gulf of tonkin it is a sad day. Visit her last day @

  7. How about ‘Battle Hymn of the Republic’ or ‘Star Spangled Banner’ as a name for carrier hull #77 currently under construction? My dad was a WWII Vet, Navy; my brother was in the Navy during WWII; now my nephew is in… The America would have made a great museum. HEAVY Sigh. America the Beautiful.

  8. A Museum? What did that ship ever do? that was the most mediocre carrier we ever had. Who cares about the name, what did it do? Good riddance!

  9. We already have an active duty carrier named Enterprise. She was commissioned in 1960, long before Star Trek geeks existed. Before that, as previously mentioned, the most combat-decorated ship in WWII was the previous aircraft carrier Enterprise. Although it IS worth noting that Star Trek geeks were responsible for getting NASA to name the first Space Shuttle ‘Enterprise’.

  10. Jay must have been assigned to the ‘Slack Jack’ (a.k.a. USS John F. Kennedy). Being commissioned in the early 60’s, AMERICA was called EVERY time a US President wanted to send Political and military messages at the same time! To those of us who served on her, there’s no greater honor than to have served on the nation’s Flag Ship. Wanna talk about mediocre? Let’s talk about USS GERALD FORD!