Frank just won’t let it go…

To Vietnam dictator Phan Van Khai on your pending visit to U.S.: It’s time to fulfill your written promise of free elections in South Vietnam – and don’t stop there

Frank Warner notes that

Phan Van Khai, Vietnam’s prime minister, is scheduled on June 21 to be the first dictator of Vietnam to meet with a president of the United States.

Khai will meet President Bush in the White House. While he is there, Bush should give him a copy of the 1973 Paris Peace Accords, which Hanoi’s Communist government signed, and which have yet to be honored in any meaningful way.

In the Paris Peace Accords, the United States, North Vietnam, South Vietnam and the Viet Cong promised a cease-fire, a withdrawal of foreign troops from South Vietnam and free elections in South Vietnam.

As I’ve noted previously, Frank just won’t let the whole Vietnam elections thing go away.

What’s strange is that everyone else seems to have let it go decades ago.

I’m sure many will argue that we shouldn’t offend Vietnam or risk the improving relations with the nation by dredging up bad memories or asking uncomfortable questions. They’re probably the same people who criticize things we do or say in the name of political expediency.


  1. Bugger ’em. If they want American $, they had best play by American rules. We should care about ‘improving relations’ why? I’m not bitter, but we were winning (other than in Wally Cranker’s mind) when I left…..