Navy stuff

Well, the site troubles at Verve Hosting apparently cost me a post on the attack sub fleet. I don’t have time to rewrite it, but I’ll link to the article that I was covering: Navy’s top sub commander warns against reducing fleet

Also, James Rummel of Hell in a Handbasket posted his own take on the future of surface ships at Chicago Boyz: It Isn’t a Cruise Ship

It’s a follow up to a Buckethead post at the Ministry of Minor Perfidy which was a spin-off of a post I wrote about getting rid of the last battleships. Go read, and don’t miss the comments sections of any of them.

Oh, and the gist of my submarine post was: 33 isn’t enough.


  1. First off, I do not consider the chinese to have a sub threat. But anyway. Containing the Chinese sub threat is not cost effient with the use of attack subs. The better way, is through the use of fixed & mobile passive sonar stations off of Taiwan and Japan. (See SOSUS, SURTASS systems) 90% of sub containment is through detection. Detection or the threat of detection limits a submarines area of operations, which results in containment. Taiwan and Japan have very capabile to anti-sub capabilities. Both countries are very motivated in that respect. Moreover, using American Nuclear submarines to combat Chinese desiel subs, is not cost efficient. Desiel subs are inheritly quieter then nuclear subs, so you have to spend far more to make a nuclear sub comparable. IMO, the Navy should make a littoral fuel cell submarines. They would be virtually surface independent, cheaper, and much quieter the larger nuclear subs. The nuclear subs, would patrol the blue water ocean, protect the boomers & arsenal subs, and back up the littoral subs.