UPDATE: Is it me, or was ALIENS eerily prescient?

From a comment to the surprisingly-popular post:

Now all we need is the 10mm “caseless” ammo to replace the 5.56mm “gutless” ammo.

Offered without comment.

UPDATE: If I had realized that the post would get so much commentary from readers, I would have done a more in-depth analysis. Seems like it would be fun. Maybe another day.

But I wanted to point out something that occurred to me after I wrote it. I noted that the Colonial Marines in the ALIENS future used wheeled APCs (a bit similar to the Stryker, maybe?) but that they had apparently solved the air-transportability issue by then.

Actually, now that I think about it, we only saw the air transport going DOWN (an “express elevator straight to hell”, I think was what Hudson called it) from orbit to the planet’s surface. We only see that dropship transport moving horizontally or up *without* an APC in the hold. We only *assume* that the transport can take off from the planet with an APC aboard.

Again, a bit similar to the Stryker, maybe?


  1. Well maybe they made it flight transportable by reducing the weight of the vehicle by reducing the weight of the non-essencial elements like the transaxle.

  2. Now compare the (sadly cancelled) M-8 assault rifle or the (also cancelled) M-29 OICW to the Colonial Marines’ M-41A carbine. The idea is there, if the execution is different. I wonder if CSA GEN Shinseki hadn’t seen the movie and decided to actively pursue a similar fast strike force.