Australian Hostage rescued by Iraqi soldiers

Ex-hostage thanks Iraqi rescuers

Hats off to Legacy Media for actually covering a hostage-rescue story. Douglas Wood was rescued by Iraqi soldiers in Baghdad:

Soldiers from the Iraqi army were conducting a pre-planned search in the al-Adel neighborhood of northwestern Baghdad on Wednesday morning when they came upon the two men.

The soldiers, from the 2nd Battalion 1st Brigade of the Iraqi army, had not been acting with specific intelligence on his whereabouts, the official told CNN.

In the course of the operation, they met light resistance and as a result three people were detained. Their nationalities are not known.

Gen. Naseer al-Abadi, Iraq’s deputy chief of staff, said Wood was found under a “blanket” and that the insurgents had tried to tell troops he was their sick father, according to The Associated Press.

The operation took place during a U.S. and Iraqi crackdown in Baghdad against insurgents.

That’s great work. I’ve been critical recently on two stories where the biggies didn’t cover hostage rescue stories, so it’s nice to see this. Legacy Media must have taken Murdoc’s criticism to heart.

UPDATE: As Expat Yank says, “Sometimes, luck helps

Lucky in the sense that they weren’t acting off a specific tip about the hostages, for sure. But it wasn’t an accident that they were conducting anti-terroism/insurgency operations.

It’s nice to see the Iraqi military getting more good press lately.