Best Ranger Competition on the Military Channel

Tired of those stupid “reality” survivor shows and “Fear Factor”-type cheap thrills on the tube? Well, Murdoc thinks the Best Ranger Competion will put the “real” back into “reality”.

It’s a three-part series starting tomorrow at 8:00 ET. Murdoc will be watching.

Blackfive, who was given an early cut of the program to review, writes:

There are plenty of back stories on the competitors (two-man teams) and lots of explanation around the different events. Even the spouses of the competitors discuss the event.

The whole competition is an extreme endurance test. There are sixteen events over sixty hours – the most grueling are strategically placed in order to eliminate any competitors with doubts about their chances of completing the competition – with little time for sleeping or eating. It rained much of the time. In other words, perfect weather for Army training.

Twenty three teams began. Eleven teams finished.