Worth pointing out once again

Jeff Russell’s Starship Dimensions

I pointed this out in July of ’03, but since I was pulling about 25 visitors a day back then, I’m thinking most of you probably missed it the first time around.

The title of the post was How big is a Zentreadi Queadol-Magdomilla? Even the most jaded of you will admit that this is a pressing question.

And by following this link you can find out. (I know many of you have made the switch to Firefox, but you’ll want to use IE for this. It lets you drag the ships around to compare them side-by-side.)

Here’s a sample that I put together. All images are to scale. Multiple scales are available.

(Click for a larger image. You know you want to.)


  1. Murdoc, for shame. Posting something like this after making fun of us for being geeks. Sheesh. Of course, I already knew about that site.

  2. Buckethead: Yes, I said stuff like ‘those Perfidy guys are just plain weird’ and ‘I’ll bet they had trouble with girls’. Or things to that effect. But most of the time it’s what WASN’T said that’s just as important as what WAS said. And, if you look through the posts and comments carefully, you’ll notice ‘I’m nothing like that at all’ is something that WASN’T said… (That’s as close as I’m going to come to admitting anything.)

  3. Thanks for the site. my inner geek is extremely satisfied. 🙂 BTW, since you’re a fan of Lord of the Rings you might like to check out the works of Robin Hobb.

  4. Now wait just a damn minute. Where’s NCC-1701-E? Or D for that matter. Now, that…would…trulybesomethingtosee. Mr Tamborine man!!!

  5. for the clueless, when CT said ‘Mr Tamborine man!!!’, he is making a reference to William Shatner -singeing- ‘Mr. Tambourine Man’ way back in 1968. it is truly awful. google it anyway! 😀