Why, yes. Yes, I do.

Don’t you just love halftracks?

ACE asks, and I agree with his sentiments on the quad .50-armed M16 variant. See ACE’s post (at the link above) for another pic. Note the nearly-closed armored louvers protecting the radiator.



  1. Hmmmm Ya know, it might be interesting to see some analysis of using modern technology to upgrade the old half track concept. Incorporate band track technology & wheel hub mounted electric drives and you could create a modular vehicle where the driver compartment is fixed, but the storage compartment could be changed as needed. The use of rear tracks would cut down on the effects of unexpected modifications making the vehicle to heavy to go off road. (eg. the stryker slat armor) I would be willing to bet dollars to donuts, that a modernized half track design, would be fun to drive and could have some advantages over both the Stryker & M113.

  2. The halftrack had great utility in it’s day. I’d say any new light vehicle would be better off with full tracks, no wheels (ask some guys that drove them, they handled like pigs), needs the ability to be air-dropped (light weight), needs to be able to withstand RPGs and smaller IEDs, and needs to have a modular weapons mount, and have an enclosed turret. I love the maxim mount with the 4 .50 brownings. What a lovely beast. I’d like to see a new light tank that could be dropped out of a C-130, yet have the GAU 30mm gun from the A-10 in a turret. We know it can kill tanks, yet could be loaded with an HE/fragmentation round for anti-infantry/soft target duties. I’d like to see a light tank with a vertically launched fire-and-forget version of the TOW missle as a back up to the gun. talk about wallop!