“Atomic Batteries to power. Turbines to speed.”

The Excellent Rolling Stone Batmobile Feature!

A reader emails:

The new Hummer? If the Hummer looked like Batmobile, the Army would not have a problem getting recruits.

The scan at Superhero Hype indicates that four Batmobiles were built for the movie, each costing $1.7 million.

The wag in me wants to ask “How many homeless people could have been fed for $6.8 million?”, but I’ll restrain myself.

UPDATE: While the Batmobile carries atomic batteries, the Bat Cave is powered by a full-size atomic pile:

(Click for better Bat-look)

Note the safety sign. The Bat Cave is fully OSHA-compliant.


  1. Was the batmobile armed with bat bombs, to be launched in artillery shells? If not, it should have been. 😉

  2. Murdoc–Are you going all soft on me? You’d rather that $6.8 million were just given away to feed people for nothing instead of used to pay suppliers, craftsmen, designers, etc. for actual work? Their families have to eat too, ya know!

  3. Oh, come on! You give troops a vehicle like that, put in a side-seat turret (like the strykers only with stabilization) mount a couple of javelin f&f anti-tank missles, and awaaaay we go. You want troops to be aggressive, you make them look and feel aggressive, their natural tendencies will do the rest. You put me and the boys in that baby, we’ll tear it up, I guarantee you.