UPDATE: Found at the Camo Store

Back in May I posted on a notice at Camo-Store.com about a change in the shade of green in the Army’s new ACU. Recently, this comment was left on the post:

The camo pattern was changed as a request from PEO (basically the guys that actually do the testing for Department of the Army).

The Uniform was approved for wear but THE CAMO PATTERN never gained approval from PEO and Department of the Army. DA (Department of the Army) ordered the ACU into production with the grey-er version of the ACU while camo patterns were still being evaluated. 2 million uniforms were produced using this pattern for units deploying to OEF/OIF in FY05.

The reasoning is that the brass wanted the uniform on the street for wide-scale evaluation before approving a final camo pattern. Now the green-er camo pattern, called “foliage”, is approved. Therefore production was delayed because of the changes.

We offered a pre-order based on the original information provided by the maker. We have received an initial supply of ACUs in the grey-er patterns and they have been shipped. However we only received a fraction of what we were promised due to the camo changes. The new uniform should be out by July to the military with a 90-120 delay to the civilian market. [edited slightly for readability]

The commenter is from the Camo Store, and he invites us to keep an eye on them for more news. Here’s the link to their ACU page.


  1. I’ve posted comparison photos at A-C-E of the 48th Guard out of GA, which is the first unit to wear the news BDU in Iraq. They seem to show the 48th is wearing the version with more green. Unfortunately, we don’t need more green nor gray in Iraq. Light brown is the predominant color. The cities are almost monotone brown. The old unis were better for that. They should have waited to make the change. The Marines have the right idea with different colors for different environments, but, being the darlings, they can afford it. The Army has to save $ by only having one, which is not optimum for anywhere.

  2. I wonder why the Corps are the so-called ‘darlings’? Because they’re more progressive and more innovative than the Army. When the Army finally decides to start thinking ‘outside the box’, maybe they’ll be able to brag too…

  3. The Marines are tiny in number in terms of the Army, so they can be more progressive at less cost. The Army is the progressive one in terms of firearms. It’s looking at a space-age looking new plastic gun. The Marines have already ordered M16A2s. Don’t get me wrong. I have the greatest respect for the Marines. But Big Green has to be very careful how much it spends per soldier, as it adds up to big bucks when multiplied by all the troops. Let’s not get into a Marine vs. Army argument here. ‘Stop being a hater?’ Don’t even understand that remark. Pls. elaborate.

  4. Scratch my comment about the cost. I forgot the soldiers have to buy their BDUs. But, some are already complaining about the increased cost, so I’m sure they wouldn’t like having to buy multiple flavors.

  5. I personally hated the new ACU until I finally got mine! They are awesome! The color is going to take some time to get used to, but they are very comfortable and more practical than the older BDU. The only complaint I have now is the fact that all the skill badges are pin on rather than either velcro or sew on! I think pin on looks gay, and it wears out the material when you take it off and put it on all the time!