S’okay…there was a gun to your head

Rescued Hostage Sorry for Remarks Made at Gunpoint


An Australian engineer held hostage in Iraq until he was rescued last week has apologized to the U.S. and Australian governments for calling at gunpoint for foreign troops to leave the country.

Douglas Wood, who was held by terrorists for 47 days, told a press conference on his arrival in Australia Monday that the comments had been made under duress.

The fact that he was rescued by members the new Iraqi army demonstrated the correctness of U.S. and Australian policies in Iraq, which he supported, he said.

Does anyone buy what hostages with guns pointed at them say on video? We knew that it was a coerced statement. This guy has Class.

Last week I gave a thumbs-up to the media because they acutally covered this hostage rescue. Do you think his apology and opinion on the war will make the news? (via FR)