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Who do you hate

M. Simon on who the Democratic Party claims to hate. What makes this so amazing is that it’s not a conclusion reached by watching their actions. It’s what they say directly to the mics and cameras.

It’s a quick post, and you should go read it.

Whatever Karl Rove is getting paid, it isn’t nearly enough.


  1. I don’t know about anyone else but I absolutely can’t stand politicians who are simply nay-sayers. The people in power do x… the people not in power immediately cry out ‘x is wrong! we must stop doing x!’. They don’t even think about whether it makes sense – they just say it. Firstly, this is incredibly negative. After listening to some group of people say nothing about what we should do, only what we shouldn’t do, I get sick of them opening their stupid mouths. It also proves that the only reason they’re in politics is to get into power, and they’re stupid enough to think that’s the way to get it. Why would a thinking person vote for someone like that? I want to vote for someone who wants to be in power to do something positive. Even if I don’t agree with or trust the people currently in power, the aforementioned behaviour gives me no alternative choices. It’s very sad. It sounds like you have the same problem with your Democrats than we do too, and probably many other countries. It’s especially sad to see them alienate so many parties through hate.