Eurofighter and F-15

When the bouncers become the bounced


Check out my latest at Defense Tech. Why do I get the feeling that F/A-22 suppliers love this sort of news?


  1. This combined with the performance of the F-15 in India would seem to be a pretty good argument that the US needs a more advanced fighter. If Russian and European fighters, sure to be exported in significant numbers, can outclass our own, what choice do we have? If the F-22 is not the answer, then what is? Has there been any analysis of how the F-35 might stack up as a dogfighter against these other advanced fighters?

  2. F-15s are fairly maneuverable but their strengths lie mostly in engine power, wing loading and avionics. Just like in ‘Top Gun’, if you’re in a big, heavy, powerful fighter like an F-14 and you’re engaging small, maneuverable fighters like A-4s they can get behind you if you don’t know what you’re doing since they can turn tighter. The trick is to know the capabilities of your aircraft and their aircraft and not get into a position where they can get behind you. This is where engine power and avionics come in, along with piloting and teamwork. You line up far enough behind the enemy while you get into a firing position. If they turn around, you have enough room between you to track and engage them before they can come around and threaten you. Sounds like these pilots got cocky and forgot that they were facing a more maneuverable (and much newer) aircraft. I’m sure the Eurofighter is a nice plane but remember it’s also quite different to an F-15. I don’t think it carries as much fuel for a start, which is probably some of the reason for the maneuverability. Anyway, even if you have a ‘better’ aircraft, you won’t win every time. The US has won in the last 50 years due to piloting and teamwork, not based solely on aircraft superiority. If you relied on that, you wouldn’t win nearly as often.

  3. Oh yeah, and these were F-15E Strike Eagles. No mention of what they were carrying. They can carry very heavy loads of air-to-ground ordinance (which is what they were designed to do) and don’t handle all that great when fully loaded. That could explain why a Eurofighter, possibly only loaded with some air-to-air missiles, could so easily outmaneuver them. Or maybe the F-15Es were lightly loaded too. Without that information it’s hard to make a judgement of how relevant this is.

  4. The F-22 should be built. Its ability to create air dominance is a critical need. That said, given the trends in air power. Using unmanned planes for attacking high threat area, heavy bombers as close air support. Upgraded A-10’s and the like. The case for the F-35 is much thinner. Capability wise, it brings little to the table over existing planes.(limited aspect stealth not withstanding) Take a F-15E, upgrade its engines and radar, and you get a plane that can hold its own against opponent fighters, while having a significant ground attack ability. Especially in conjunction with BVR missiles and E-10’s. The question to be answered: Is an air attack lead by F-22’s & F-35’s that much better then an Air Attack lead by F-22’s & upgraded F-15’s? When, by upgrading the F-15’s will result in more F-22’s being built. IMO the only real case for the F-35 that can be made is for the VSTOL version. That said, the VSTOL version alone is not worth the cost of the program. Im any event, the F-35 program is near its deserved death. I hope from its ashes, a coherent F-15 upgrade and rebuild program is funded.

  5. This is almost certainly false, due to the fact that none of the sites reporting this had any source, and it has appeared more than once, with variations in the story – a classic pointer to the creation of an urban myth. I scarcely see why a Eurofighter is on its own, as well. If it is true, then it’s nothing of which we British should be proud. I absolutely, fully expect an $80 million-ish brand-new, short-ranged, lightly-loaded multirole fighter – the Typhoon – to ‘out-dogfight’ two 30-year-old-designed $40 million bombs-and-fuel-loaded strike-orientated fighters, the F-15Es. I imagine the British will not be jumping for joy when the F/A-22s eventually get deployed to RAF Mildenhall and RAF Lakenheath, and they embarass Eurofighters – admittedly, at twice the cost, meaning that the USAF has less F/A-22s than the RAF has Eurofighters.