A few more details on the Combat Action Badge

Here are some more detailed requirements for the Combat Action Badge, as well as images of the badge for those who earn it more than once.


  1. CAB should be awarded to all soldiers who qualify regardless of conflict or date. Combat veterans from Desert Storm and Somalia currently do not qualify. Unbelievable. Contact the VFW and Gen Schoomaker and complain.

  2. The CAB, Should be award to the Veterans of Desert Storm!! And right up to now!! Damn it! I myself came under emeny fire down in Honduras while I was with the 204th Combat Eng. Bn, I was also hit in the neck by flying class from the round hit the cab of the Hvy equip. I was driving!! All I got was my tire fixed that was shot out, and the medic pulled the class out of my neck,she patched me up and I was told to go back to work By my Co. So YEAH I THINK THAT VETS THAT GO IN HARMS WAY SHOULD BE AWARDED SOMETHING LIKE THE COMBAT ACTION BAGDE! and we had the Honduras Soilders watching our backs, Becaues we were not allowed to carry our M-16A2 out side the fire base? Damn higher ups, Give the Bagde out to the people who really but there butts on the line! Not these Officer (who put themselfs in for medals when they don’t even go out side the wire!!