DefRev on the latest Milkor grenade launcher

New Milkor MGL-140/MEI Hyper-Lethal 40mm Combo/Weapon System for Infantry

mgl140.jpgDavid Crane at Defense Review has a first-hand report on this bad boy from the International SOF Week 2005/APBI (Advanced Planning Briefing to Industry) show.

The MGL-140 40mm grenade launcher, manufactured by Milkor USA, is specifically designed to fire a new family of advanced and, in some cases, hyper-lethal LI/LV 40mm munitions manufactured by Martin Electronics, Inc. (MEI), in addition to all currently-available NATO-spec lethal and non-lethal/less-lethal munitions.

With regard to the MEI munitions, this new advanced low impulse/low-velocity 40mm ammo family utilizes a longer projectile for greatly enhanced lethality (in two of it’s incarnations). The MGL-140 will fire six rounds of these unique munitions in 3 seconds at ranges up to 400 meters (437.6 yards) and effectively covering a minimum destruction area/zone of 20×60 meters. Or, the weapon can engage specific targets with pinpoint accuracy at up to 150 meters.

He also details some of this new 40mm ammo in a long, fact-filled post. And he’s got a bunch of high-res pics. Go read and look.


  1. If the ammo is as good as advertised, then they need to get with MetalStorm to hook up their ammo with the MetalStorm fire control system. That said, I tend to take Defense Review with a grain of salt. Their breathless praise of the DREAD system is a cautionary tale.