The CAB – not just for soldiers anymore

Members of all services are eligible for Combat Action Badge

Via a reader:

Soldiers aren’t the only potential recipients of the Army’s new Combat Action Badge: any servicemember may qualify for the award, as long as he or she was assigned to an Army unit in a combat zone when bullets, bombs or mortars began to fly.

According to detailed criteria and issuing instructions for the Combat Action Badge, or CAB, issued by the Army earlier this month, the device “may be awarded to members of the other U.S. Armed Forces, and foreign soldiers assigned to a U.S. Army unit, provided they meet the above criteria.”

I think this makes perfect sense. Let’s see if the non-combat Army, who though that making the Combat Infantryman Badge only eligible to infantry MOSes was unfair will think making their badge available to other is unfair. I would guess, since the CAB is a band new development, they will be fine with it.


  1. Since the Army had to go ‘borrow’ Navy and Air Force personnel to come drive trucks in combat areas, allowing them the possibility of a CAB seems only fair.