No war for H2O!

“…the Martians in our movie represent American military forces.”

Very disappointing news about WAR OF THE WORLDS from writer David Koepp:

“And now, as we see American adventure abroad’ he (David Koepp} continues ‘in my mind it’s certainly back to it’s original meaning, which is that the Martians in our movie represent American military forces invading the Iraqis, and the futility of the occupation of a faraway land is again the subtext”

Koepp also told Newsweek:

“I think the whole war [in the movie] is about water,” he says. “I figure their planet ran out. Wars tend to be fought over very elemental things: water, land, oil.”

Remember, this isn’t some reviewer with an idea. These are words from the writer’s mouth. But don’t call Hollywood unpatriotic. (via Conservative Grapevine)


  1. Spielburg says its about terrorism. Maybe everyone will wake up and realize we’re not safe yet. And of course, since Vietnam its been PC in Hollywood to view America as the bad guy.

  2. I guess that’s what seperates good movies from trash… in Starship Troopers they made this sort of point but they didn’t pretend otherwise. The earth forces were wearing Nazi-like uniforms and went out on wars to wipe out nasty species. It made it pretty hard to tell the ‘good guys’ from the ‘bad guys’ (but the ‘ugly guys’ were plainly obvious ;)). This War of the Worlds junk looks like some crappy action movie and giving it a dodgy political agenda doesn’t make it any better. At least they could be honest about it… Anyone who still thinks this Iraq war is about oil should go shove their head in a barrel of the stuff.

  3. Koepp also wrote the inane Lost World aka Jurassic Park 2, in which dumb ‘heroes’ risked their lives for an even dumber T-Rex baby while people were dying right and left (but they deserved it, you know). That explains a lot, I think. Anyway, he-

  4. Please do not confuse ‘Starship Troopers’ the horrid movie with the incredible book by Robert Heinlein. The messages in the book were very different than the crap that came out of Hollywood.