Stealth speedboat?

Stealth warship off the seawall

Received this tip at DT via email:

What can only be described as a stealth PT boat has just gone past my house and is now near the radar testing range of the Navy Research Lab at Chesapeake Beach.

Here’s a pic:


Weird. Radar test target? Small-scale LCS testbed? Experimental Navy SEAL water ski system? Mock-up for a television commercial?

Here’s a couple of better pics taken after it came in for the evening:

Click for better look

Go check out PenguinSix for more pics of this strange beast.


  1. Mr. Murdoc, your giving our enemies out there such a valuable information that they dont need more spies in our country, you spys for them so easy without humans efforts or money investments, or im wrong? I hope not. China is watching us, getting everything from person like you, they are going to be the Superpower in the future thanks to you an all those factories moving there for cheap labors an to get rich back home, read the ‘Made in China’ what else….

  2. I’ve seen this before (see pix at link below, 1/2 way down page). John Pike’s had other pictures of it up at for a while now, it looks like it’s some kind of stealth Cigarette-type SEAL delivery boat. Makes a lot of sense that we have something like that.

  3. Nice pictures. I was looking for pictures of the new KDX-II class of destroyers and came across this article. Then read the first comments above. One of the nicest things about people like the coward who didn’t leave his name is that he obviously is not scared to express his paranoia and bigotry while content to show blinding ignorance of world politics. Delightfully funny. What enemies is this guy talking about? Anyway, it’s probably for a tv show. Making a surface warship ‘stealthy’ seems like a waste of time to me. Better to have Aegis system and longer target reach. Only true stealth ships are sub-surface, in my opinion. Your commie chinese/russian/arab/european/whatever spy, Yong 🙂

  4. Hey guys, there is a lot of info that the most of us can handle, without giving away any secrets, but there are a lot of persons out there who are looking for anything and everything, that we as Americans or The Free World put out into all of our media (which now includes WEB pages) for ways to attack us.. Now please understand, there are a lot of ways to attack, without there being a WAR per-se.. The first commenter was just saying we need to be careful what we put out on the net for everyone to see… Now I’m glad I finally found this site and was able to see this vessel, but who else like me has found it and made USE of it in some way, when if it was not distrubited in the open, maybe it could do more good, before the news got out to all the bad guys… I think this is what the writer was meaning.. WE want to know everything, but in the war an Terrorism and on Drugs, more is gained by secrecy, and this works for both sides… I just came back from Iraq, am a Vietnam Vetran too, but I was appaled by the ammount of information leaking out to whom ever wants to collect it… So I can understand this persons concerns, maybe he has had some real life experiances too, that tell him what can happen. Thanks..